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Rape Crisis (England and Wales)
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Rape Crisis responds to Home Affairs Select Committee report on police bail
In response to the report on police bail released today (Friday 20th March 2015) by the Home Affairs Select more...
Rape Monitoring Group digests start to give picture of how rape is dealt with by police in England and Wales
Responding to the Rape Monitoring Group digests released by Her Majesty's Inspectorate of Constabulary  more...
Million Women Rise
Today, Saturday 7th March 2015, women from the Rape Crisis movement across the UK will join thousands  more...
Tackling Child Sexual Exploitation
The Government launched its Tackling Child Sexual Exploitation report yesterday (Tuesday 3rd March 2015), i more...
Why We Rise
In just four days' time, on Saturday 7th March 2015, women from the Rape Crisis movement across the UK  more...
APPG reports funding for violence against women & girls services not fit for purpose
A cross-party group of MPs have released their findings from a recent inquiry concluding that the current f more...
Joint Committee on Human Rights urges Government to ratify Istanbul Convention
The Joint Committee on Human Rights (JCHR) warns in its most recent new report that the Government could ha more...
Three rapists jailed in case that highlights important issues around consent
Three men have today (Friday 13th February) been jailed for a combined total of 18 years for the rape and s more...
Charter for the Rights of Women Seeking Asylum
In recent months, important new initiatives have come into play for women facing rape and violence abroad.  more...
CPS and police focus on consent
At their first joint National Conference on Rape yesterday (28th January 2015), the Crown Prosecution Servi more...