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Million Women Rise

Million Women Rise

Celebrating International Women’s Day 2012

Saturday 3 March 2012

In 2008 Million Women Rise (MWR) gathering saw the biggest women’s march this country has seen for many years.

On Saturday 5th March 2011 Million Women Rise again marched the streets of London. The march brought together thousands of Women and Children from around the country to call for the end of male violence against women in all its forms, and to celebrate 100 years of International Women’s Day.

£10 Fund Raising Appeal

Million Women Rise need to raise money once again to help pay for this year’s march on the 3rd March 2012. Your money will help towards public liability insurance and stage equipment for Trafalgar Square. MWR still need to raise money to cover the cost of the march and celebrations and to help fund campaign work throughout the year.

Rape Crisis (England and Wales) are supporting the Million Women Rise appeal to make a £10 donation.  All donations, no matter how small, are appreciated and of course if you can afford more please do donate generously. Your donations help maintain the independence needed in order to carry on campaigning for us all to live in a world free from male violence.

Million Women Rise has a lot of energy and as grass roots, ordinary; women from all walks of life have built the MWR coalition together from sheer commitment to ending male violence in all its forms against all women and girls.

For more information about ways to donate, book a stall, being a steward or any other details of the March please visit