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Volunteering is crucial to the Rape Crisis movement and many of our local member organisations are often looking for empathetic women to train and work as volunteers with them.

How many and what types of volunteering opportunities are available depends on the individual Rape Crisis organisation and will vary but examples include: direct support work with sexual violence survivors, via a helpline and/or on a face-to-face basis; Steering Group, management committee, Board or Trustee roles; promotion, publicity and awareness-raising; admin; fundraising.

Each Rape Crisis organisation will have its own procedures for recruiting, interviewing, selecting, training and supporting volunteers. You will usually be required to be a woman aged 18 years or over and you might be asked to commit to a minimum number of volunteering hours per week or month.

To find out about volunteering opportunities, please contact your nearest Rape Crisis organisation directly. Note that we do not hold information about local volunteering opportunities centrally.

Because Rape Crisis England & Wales is a decentralised umbrella body, with no central office, we are not currently able to offer any volunteering, internship or similar opportunities at our national organisation. We are nonetheless always very grateful to supporters who want to raise awareness of Rape Crisis and/or raise all-important funds for us. If this interests you, please find more information on our Support Us page here.

Please do not send your CV to us as we do not have the capacity to respond to individual employment enquiries and will not open attachments.


What Rape Crisis volunteers say ...

"It's quite hard at times but incredibly rewarding".

"Can you imagine going to work and making a difference in someone's life? This is so important to so many women. It's the most important thing I've ever done and I have met many wonderful women. It's not always easy to pick up the phone because you never know what you are likely to hear. But it's paving the way to rebuilding someone's life".

"You just need to listen, that's the most precious gift you can give".

"If you had to phone a rape crisis centre wouldn't you want to talk to someone like yourself?"

"I've learned a lot but you can never know it all. The important thing is to be there".